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spokanemusic's Journal

spokane music scene
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Post information about shows, find band members, share ideas on how we can improve the music community in Spokane!
4000 holes, a hollywood legend, after eyes are gone, airshow, all ages shows, belt of vapor, black march, bluegrass, burns like hellfire, buskin', cafe sole, cause, cda teahouse, clabberhag, coeur d'alene, coney island pilot, ctrl z, cursive adonis, dancing cadavers, diy, doom lit sky, ffa, fingerspokane.com, flee the century, folk, food not bombs, free association, freetime synthetic, god fearing nation, high holies, hip hop, hordak, house shows, huck finn's girlfriend, iceage cobra, indie, intifada, jupiter effect, la cha-cha, lilac city nightmare, mang, mootsy's, mordekye layman, mourning after, myra sue's books, networking, open mics, pathos, pdc 13, punk, reflection, rockness monsters, rutah, seaweed jack, self inheritance, six degrees of seperation, spokane, spokane bands, spokane music scene, temporarily out of jesus, the awesome miami, the b-side, the clap, the creeps, the detour, the dobbs, the eastern express, the finger, the fumes, the makers, the midnight society, the shoebombers, the spike coffeehouse, thin air radio, uncle scams, unified groove merchants, velvet pelvis, weight, westminster church, willoughby, world music, zines